Modern, accessible financial services.

SaveToken combines fintech and Defi technologies to give businesses and consumers new opportunities and financial freedom.

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What problem is being solved?

Small businesses are a large and important part of South American economies. Yet financial services are bureaucratic, very costly, and not at all accessible. This means small businesses are unable to succeed or do as well as they deserve.

There is an oligopoly on these services in the region, and this means existing companies take advantage of consumers and charge extortionate costs for their services. For example, you may be charged monthly just for owning a bank account.

We aim to change that, using a mixture of fintech and DeFi (Decentralised Finance). Focusing primarily on Brazil, we are making financial services competitive and easy to use.

Additionally, we want to bring adoption of the latest fintech and blockchain technologies to a wider audience. These can have a transformative effect on people’s lives and increase crypto adoption.

Part of this process is our goal to create a network of interlinked and incentivized firms, consumers, and individuals, providing entrepreneurial support and a governance system that empowers all.

What does SaveToken do?

The SaveToken project is organized into two main groups, SAVE Fintech and the SAVE Institute.

SAVE Fintech delivers fintech solutions, including business consultancy and the most competitive interest rates on collateral-backed loans in Brazil. This means businesses have better access to credit and to financial advice, and at fair prices.

In addition, we will offer business consultancy and are planning future services like fiat accounts.

Once infrastructure and a client base have been established, blockchain will begin to play a larger role in these services.

The SAVE Institute works to build SaveToken’s DeFi platform, which links businesses and consumers for an all-in-one financial solution with a reputation system and tokenized contracts.

It also organizes project governance. SaveToken members can submit and vote on proposals for the project, as well as engage with community-run events and organizations. Finally, the SAVE Institute will support and fund local entrepreneurship and provide incentives to partner with SaveToken-related groups for mutual benefits. We wish to slowly decentralize the SAVE Institute gradually as the project progresses.

What is SaveToken’s business model?

SAVE Fintech will offer the most competitive interest rates on loans in Brazil upon receiving a fintech license. For this, we will pool together money from investors, who will be paid an annual yield for giving us liquidity. These pooled funds will then be loaned out at a higher interest rate, allowing us to make the difference in interest rates as profit. The advantage of this is very low risk, as any defaults will be covered by the collateral offered. Our team is excited to get started, having many years of experience in the fintech market.

Our DeFi platform is a more long-term project that will be released fully when prior objectives such as completion of necessary infrastructure have been accomplished. It will make revenues through small fees on each transaction as well as for dispute resolution (detailed on our DeFi whitepaper. Fees shall also come from costs to submit community proposals and other interactions with the network. With integrated decentralized systems in place, we will also be able to expand these ideas.

Additional information

SaveToken was founded in late 2018 as a response to the large number of problems that small businesses and individuals face in the realm of financial services.

Another key part of our ethos is bringing crypto adoption through practical use cases, financial incentives, and community participation.

The total supply of SAVE is 1 billion. Our graphic (to the right of this text) displays how this supply will be distributed.

Token distribution
SaveToken Institute
Token Sale
30 %
Founders and Team
Why use SaveToken?
DeFi Marketplace

Linking businesses and consumers via a decentralized network fo greater financial freedom and success. A one of a kind financial marketplace which incentivizes participants to contribute to the adoption and profitability of the network.

Accessible Financial Services

There are millions of small businesses in Brazil that suffer from a lack of access to credit, a lack of financial infrastructure and can only reach a very limited amount of customers. We will provide the most flexible and competitive rates in the entire market.



Creation of Value

SaveToken will support local businesses and entrepreneurs that are looking to create value and have a positive social impact on their communities, giving them access to cutting edge technology and partners.

Dynamic Network

An integrated community that will conduct financial transactions and will be rewarded for their contributions to the project.

Frequently Questions

SAVE is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. This means it can be stored on secure, “cold” wallets like Trezor and Nano, as well as on any ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Mist, Eidoo, Parity, ImToken, Trust, Cipher, etc. We will soon release the official SAVE wallet.

You can buy SAVE from (at a discounted rate) by clicking the “Buy Tokens” button near the top of the page.

Currently, we are listed on Probit Exchange, so investors can also purchase and trade the token there.

When buying SAVE, please do not send money from an exchange to the SaveToken smart contract address. Do not purchase SAVE in any other way, especially through third-party programs like Telegram.

SAVE Fintech will be responsible for building practical and affordable financial solutions for all. Our solutions will provide the most competitive financial services, including collateral-backed loans and business consultancy, all with the help of the blockchain.


The SAVE Institute manages the blockchain side of our project and aims to give our community a voice through governance mechanisms such as proposals and regular voting. It will also have a social impact via supporting entrepreneurs and members of the SAVE community in general.  Finally, it will be responsible for holding and managing our cryptocurrency, SAVE.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on Twitter or ask us on any of our public group communities such as on Telegram.

Alternatively, send us an email at

Our Team
Steven Liew
Legal Advisor
Tom Wills
Former Visa Advisor
Trent Adams
Information Security Advisor
Varun Mittal
Financial Services Advisor
0 (1)
U-zyn Chua
Blockchain Architect
Viola LLewellyn
Financial Advisor
Alexsandro Nogueira
Partha M
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Q1 2021
• Seed capital round is completed, initial investments in SaveToken confirmed after negotiations
• Our fintech app will be completed, allowing Brazilians to find the most competitive credit solutions available
• SaveToken partners with a white label exchange to provide financial services in a cost-effective way in the short-term
Q2 2021
• Launch of the SaveToken Institute, allowing community interactions such as voting and funding of innovative ideas
• Co-ordination of intra-firm discussions as well as partnerships and provision of consultancy services where necessary
• R & D for our blockchain solutions begins, as well as wider marketing and appearances to increase our exposure to the cryptocurrency audience/market.
Q3 2021
• Release of the official SaveToken wallet as well as further planned utilities of our cryptocurrency
• Establishing a physical headquarters in Brazil (post-Covid19)
• Beginning the process of registering officially as a financial institution and obtaining a license, greatly expanding our capabilities, therefore enabling complete independence for SaveToken.
Q4 2021
• Prototypes of SaveToken products like the SAVE band and SBI tools made available.
• Co-ordination of intra-firm discussions as well as partnerships and provision of consultancy services where necessary.
• Second round of fundraising in preparation for an expansion of services and responsibilities.


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