Decentralised, cutting edge financial services.
A new smart contract based platform for decentralised trading, digital freedom of contract and innovative software solutions for modern enterprises.
Projects update will be released in:
Softcap: $5.000.000,00
Hardcap: $30.000.000
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What problem is being solved ?

Decentralized Finance encapsulates a set of smart contract coded mechanisms.

While there are many projects in this field, none are cohesive or accessible enough to reach a wider audience.

We can provide a complete solution for small businesses that have not necessarily used cryptocurrency before.

In addition to our decentralized infrastructure, we also allow businesses to manage their day-to-day affairs, providing professional reports to help them make informed and calculated decisions

What are the main features ?

The most important part of our platform is our decentralized marketplace. This is because it allows firms and individuals to transact without the need of any central institution.

Underpinning the marketplace is our algorithmic reputation system, which will help those using the platform to decide who to deal with.

As a result, SAVE users can easily trade any number of products/services and benefit from our financial incentives as well as a stronger community reputation.

Our accompanying idea of custom contracts is also ground-breaking, as it allows anyone to create legally-binding contracts in a matter of minutes, giving people the liberty to enter into mutually beneficial agreements.

And finally, our SBI tools mean data analysis is made simple, with our services even providing practical recommendations on inventories and finances.
Check our whitepaper for more details.

What is the SAVE institute ?

The SAVE Institute is a decentralized organization that was created to manage a wide number of project responsibilities.

It will manage the raised funds and control how they are spent, allocating funds to our developers, legal team, as well as to social projects. All expenditures will regularly be revealed to the community through official channels.

Our community will actively be involved in this organization, due to the voting privileges given to any holder of SAVE. Proposals can also be put forward, keeping the project dynamic and enabling a so-called “marketplace of ideas.”

We will all use these functions to annually decide which social projects to help. Our unique idea of a special fee on SAVE transactions means that by spending virtually nothing, our community can effect positive social change all across the world.

Additional information

SAVE was created out of a growing understanding that real-world cryptocurrency adoption has had very limited success, mainly because most see blockchain technologies as inaccessible to them. The best way to solve this problem is by introducing cryptocurrency usage to smaller firms, which will automatically boost sales through exposure to a new group of customers and speed up adoption.

To achieve this, we are bringing cutting edge decentralised financial infrastructure to newer enterprises at affordable prices. This will create an efficient ecosystem which these firms can directly leverage for success.

The total supply of SAVE is 1 billion. Our graphic (to the right of this text) displays how this supply will be distributed. For a breakdown of how the raised funds will be spent, see our whitepaper.

Token distribution
SaveToken Institute
30 %
Founders and Team
Project improvements
Maintain project liquidity
Community Rewards
Why use SaveToken?
for Investors
Upcoming market

Decentralized Finance is the next big thing, and as adoption increases, so will the demand         for our products.

Strong partnerships

Not only is our team incredibly experienced, but we also have a partnership with the newly formed Brazilian bank, Cashme. Furthermore, we are in talks with a credit card company (to be announced soon).

Every opinion counts

The SAVE Institute means you are a SAVE shareholder, able to exercise your voting rights to shape the project for the better. You may also request further details on any aspect of the project.

Charitable action

Every time SAVE is used in a transaction, an extremely small fee will be donated to charity. Just by using SAVE, you are making a difference.

Loyalty program

We understand the challenges that today’s entrepreneurs face with marketing and sales. For this reason, we’ve created an impressive and innovative customer loyalty program.

Easy to use

Our platform will be directly integrated with the SAVE wallet and our features will be available at anytime.

Frequently Questions

SAVE is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. This means it can be stored on secure, “cold” wallets like Trezor and Nano, as well as on any ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Mist, Eidoo, Parity, ImToken, Trust, Cipher, etc. We will soon release the official SAVE wallet.

You can buy SAVE either directly from (at a premium rate) or at a third-party cryptocurrency exchange. By mid-December, our IEO sale on Probit exchange will commence, and you will also be able to buy SAVE there.

When buying SAVE, please do not send money from an exchange to the SaveToken smart contract address.

The first round of our IEO will take place on Probit exchange (as mentioned before, in December). Upon completion, we will have the funds for a second IEO round on an even larger exchange such as Kucoin, Binance, etc and we will keep the community updated accordingly. This second round will ensure we reach at least our soft cap of $5 million.

Our token sale will end by March 2020.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on Facebook, Twitter or ask us on any of our public group communities such as on Reddit or Telegram.

Alternatively, send us an email at

Our Team
Steven Liew
Legal Advisor
Tom Wills
Former Visa Advisor
Trent Adams
Information Security Advisor
Varun Mittal
Financial Services Advisor
0 (1)
U-zyn Chua
Blockchain Architect
Viola LLewellyn
Financial Advisor
Alexsandro Nogueira
Partha M
Our Strategy and Project Plan
December 2019
The marketing and bounty programs will quickly follow. SaveToken will become officially listed on Probit exchange.
January 2020
The first round of our listing will be announced soon. Work with our partners like Cashme shall begin, with tangible products to be made available to the public towards the end of the year.
February 2020
SAVE developers will begin work on the most important aspect of our platform, our smart contract-run decentralized marketplace. Simultaneously, our legal work to make custom contracts/digital freedom of contract possible will start. The official SAVE wallet will become available to all.
March 2020
Listing sale concludes. We will release an official statement regarding our immediate plans for SaveToken, with all wallets belonging to the SAVE Institute and those for project spending being declared. Work on SBI tools will also begin.
Q1 2021
• Seed capital round is completed, initial investments in SaveToken confirmed after negotiations
• Our fintech app will be completed, allowing Brazilians to find the most competitive credit solutions available
• SaveToken partners with a white label exchange to provide financial services in a cost-effective way in the short-term
June 2020
First SAVE community events will take place, offering investors a chance to meet with team members as well as members of the community. Consultation with financial advisors regarding the SAVE Institute’s portfolio to be completed by this date.
July 2020
Prototypes of SAVE products like the SAVE band and SBI tools prototype will be made accessible to an exclusive few members in our community.
September 2020
Partnership-related products will be available to the SAVE community. Also, potential partners and enterprises shall be approached and notified about the benefits of SAVE.
October 2020
The SAVE platform shall be released for beta testers in the community, with users being rewarded for high-quality feedback and suggestions. The second wave of marketing and bounty campaigns starts, in preparation for the official SAVE platform launch.
November 2020
The SAVE platform is made open-source, with the community able to provide feedback and test it for themselves. The first firms start the usage of the SAVE platform.
February 2021
Prototypes of SAVE hardware products released, along with the SAVE payment gateway for cryptocurrency and fiat.


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